Hello, and welcome to your source of information about BCC's Anime Festival 2002. More information about the event can be found in the other sections; this will most likely become the place that The Webmaster will talk about what's new on the site.


03/04/02 - Samurai X review posted to the Features Section, and all reviews have been updated to display the respective author names. The festival is this Thursday, so be sure to bring all your friends.

02/26/02 - Made some minor coding changes, updated Features Section, once again, such that it now has movie reviews for most of the features.

NOTE: While I, The Webmaster , am not directly responsible for literary integrity of these reviews, comments and criticisms would be greatly appreciated, and I will forward them to the associated author.

02/20/02 - Updated Features Section with full schedule of times, location, and movies. Expect to have information and pictures available for each film soon.

02/12/02 - Updated Location Section with maps and directions. Features soon to follow.

01/30/02 - Finished new, full-color, sectioned, and more coderific version of this page, with working menu... please direct your attention to the image below the menu as well, since it took me quite awhile to make it look that way, and I think it looks rather visually pleasing.